Future Scenarios Week 4 -- Big Questions

List of interested topics:

  • migratory patterns and geopolitical consequences
  • decreasing cost of alternative energy and relationship to climate change
  • national borders in the context of work opportunities.
    • how does technology affect how we define national identities
    • international trade policies, fair trade, global worker rights
  • the precarity of labour, the gig economy, and transformation
  • the impact of AI on labour, warfare, and identity
    • use of networked tech
    • how do you make yourself compelling to the algo
  • when will the next major telecommunications technology begin to
    replace the internet?
    • how will government relationships to telecom orgs change
    • how will things play out differently in china?
  • what are the forces that drive or indicate our changing relation to homophily
  • the person, the collective, and the quest for meaning
    • zeit geist
  • blockchain and the future of institutions and decentralization
    • is it really possible?
  • the possibility of international currencies
    • what currency will global trade rely on in 7 years?
  • how not to fall in 💖 with the apocalypse
  • how will 2nd tier cities manage growth?

Synthesized Big Questions:
In 2025, how will our societies balance our desire to celebrate the individual versus our existential need to work collectively towards our problems and coexist?

Some driving forces: The increasing rate in which technological innovation is shrinking the distance between people, economic migration and the relative ease of travel compared to the past, the rise of AI, the distrust of institutions

Predetermined elements: Demographics of the world, increasing population in the short term, moore’s law, polarized united states, hegemonic power vacuum

Critical uncertainties: the tangible effect of climate change, the political status of the United States, how powerful China is, whether AI is panacea or plague

In 2025, how will innovations in technology help us get a better understanding of ourselves and what we are meant to do

Some driving forces: precarity of labour, impact of AI on identity, the zeitgeist