Aunt Dan and Lemon

Concept Sentences

Aunt Dan and Lemon is about how we justify the evils of life.

Aunt Dan and Lemon is about how we reduce situations by simplifying reasons to justify the evils of life.

Aunt Dan and Lemon is about how we reduce situations by simplifying reasons to justify the evils of life. This desire to make sense of this world is so inherent within us that we will give up relationships and warrant (and even minimize) behavior that runs counter to our beliefs.

#Fuchs Questions

The space in this planet is dark. It is a built interior space, vague and mysterious so to be flexible for multiple uses. Space is wide open, but contained within a spotlight which directs the audience’s view. The space consists of a home, a garden, a city, and a bedroom.

Time is controlled by Lemon’s actions. She can move freely backwards/forwards in time, and she can also stop time as she talks to the audience.

The climate of this world is cold and grey. Only in the garden is there warmth. It is a grey cool that is reminiscent of England.

The mood of this planet is serious. A failed joyousness from those who have turned jaded in their attempts to live a happy life. It has a cerebral and restrained tone, but the tension feels as if something can lash out at any moment, yet it never does. Mood and tone is created by colors and lighting. As for shapes, the objects of this world should be quite angular and edges should be sharp.

Socially, this world is a private one. It is mostly Lemon’s world, with Aunt Dan playing a big part. This is an aristocratic world, filled with the judgments and pretention that influences today’s society.

Players arrange themselves apart from each other. Even when they interact with one another and are in close proximity, they still feel like individuals instead of a group. Figures get to their positions in the dark and appear when the spotlight illuminates their scene. Minor characters are 2D, with only Lemon, Aunt Dan, and possibly Mother showing depth. Minor characters exaggerate their motions in an attempt to garner attention, but they lack the special something to make themselves truly memorable. People in this world dress with a cosmopolitan style, although Lemon’s family dresses a bit more simply than Aunt Dan and her friends.

Power is achieved through intellect and wit. At first it can be used to entertain, but as the play goes on, it is used to overpower others.

Ultimately, what changes in this play is time and a loss of innocence. An understanding that the world is not as good as we were taught and that things are often not black and white. An understanding of inevitable entropy.