First few weeks

The final year has begun

ITP started this week! I’ve only sat in three classes so far, but I can already tell that I’m going to miss this place a lot. I’m on the waitlist for so many classes that I know that I won’t get to take and the FOMO is real.

Marina’s Temporary Experts class seems like a great class on systems thinking and taking a research-based approach to your art practice. And unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it. I’ve also heard great things about her as a professor, and word on the street is that she may be leaving for another NYU campus sometime soon. Ugh.

Heavy potential

It’s literally only been two days, and I’ve already learned some things that I feel are going to change the game for me. I sat in Designing for Live Performance, and Andrew Lazarow shared the approach to the creative process for performance pieces. It was tremendously useful information: Elanor Fuchs, Aristotle’s story arcs, Nine Rasas, Mary Overlie’s 6 viewpoints, and the Laban Movement. Incredible stuff that will have an influential impact on my Big Screens and NIME classes.

Though I probably won’t be in Marina’s class, I read through her lecture notes, and there’s a lot of great resources in there regarding solving wicked problems(!), systemic thinking, epistemologies, etc. Both of these classes really hone in on the different aspects that make up a strong creative project. Strong creative projects have good tie-ins with their project kinships, contexts, its media/material, and the audience/participants. It might be art school 101 stuff, but it’s stuff that I never learned. And although it’d be better to strengthen my art practice with both of these courses, I think I will do OK with just Andrew’s class. I’ll occasionally peek into Marina’s slides and try to syphon off as much knowledge as I can.

Man this is going to be a great year.